Sugar Bowl Beanie

Every year, Sugar Bowl offers a “Head Designer” contest where they partner with Coal’s custom headwear division. The two companies invite people to submit beanie designs where one is produced on beanies for their season pass holders.


Out of 140+ submissions, my contribution (below, left) made the cut! My design was one of eight designs that were then put out for a vote on social media. My beanie, below, received the third most votes and I was awarded Honorable Mention along with a few lift tickets.

But my design went ahead (pun intended) and did a bit more!

Submitting the Design

Sugar Bowl provided a template in Adobe Illustrator where artists could show the vision for their design in both the finished, beanie view and the flat view.

Patches were encouraged, but not neccessary and we could use up to 7 yarn colors.

From Beanie to Buff

The retail manager at Sugar Bowl loved my design. When it did not win by popular vote, the resort contacted me to purchase my design — they thought it would make a great t-shirt. Of course, I said yes! And when I stopped by the mountain to ski, I was pleasantly surprised to find my design on a buff!