Ocean Abstracts

Living near the coast, I am inspired by the waves and sunsets. In this series, I explored the gray and blue hues I see on the horizon. These pieces all started as watercolor explorations. I then added black, white and gray details with ink until each felt complete. 

Ocean Abstract 007

My favorite details here are the rounded curves that look like crashing waves. I love the light blue that shows through here in the middle with light touches around the edges.

Ocean Abstract 005

I love all the white space on this piece! The small circles reminds me how the sunlight shimmers on the water as the waves lap the shore. 


SOLD — Ocean Abstract 004

Half Moon Bay is a magical place — in this piece, I can imagine myself in the harbor looking across the bay at the bluffs, the ocean in between. 

Ocean Abstract 010

When I look at this piece, I imagine the white sea foam breaking on my feet… I can almost smell the salty air.

SOLD — Ocean Abstract 008

I love the blue skies with the rolling fog… (San Francisco locals call the fog, Karl). This reminds me of the waves crashing into the rocks at high tide at Surfer’s Beach.

Ocean Abstract 006

I just love what is happening in the upper left of this piece! It reminds me of a cloud being reflected on the ocean. The foreground reminds me of extreme low tides, were rocks emerge from the sand.

This art looks great as a set of two or three — or a single piece would be amazing on any gallery wall! Original art is 8″ wide by 6″ high and ships to you with a black archival-quality matt and backing (frame not included).

Four pieces have sold, but four are still awaiting new homes!
Will one be yours?