Original Art

My body of work is constantly evolving and these are a few selected pieces.

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Peacock Feathers Watercolor Art

Peacock Feathers

I love birds — all kinds of birds. The male peacock and the fantastic show he displays with his feathers is a spectacular site. Here I combined my love of movement and flow with some plumage. The original vision for this art was so very different than this outcome, but I absolutely love the result! Starting with the colorful centers, I kept building up colors and textures until I landed here. Shown here is one of two original 12×16 watercolor pieces custom framed in an acid-free, archival quality mat. Inquire for pricing or similar commission.

Rivers & Roads

This piece originated when The Brooklyn Art Library sent me the prompt, “Rivers and Roads” for a canvas swap art party. Naturally, I put the phrase into Google and found out it was a song by Head and the Heart My take: our lives crisscross with others and experiences build up over time. And while we seemingly try to show — and perhaps expect — the straightest path from here to there, life is messy. Our hearts get ripped in two. Best laid plans go sideways. People come and go from our lives. And yet… What a beautiful mess. I hope you look deep and find a route that keeps you connecting and moving. “Rivers and roads until I reach you” ?

Art prints on canvas are available here and commisions in different colors and sizes are welcome. 

Peacock Feathers Watercolor Art
Peacock Feathers Watercolor Art

Connected Bubbles

I love circles, drawing with pencil and creating art with dimension. This is always a relaxing exercise that reminds me of scuba diving and underwater tranquility. This was one of two pieces that have since sold, but I am constantly exploring with this theme and motif.


I am constantly amazed seeing these flowers in our neighbor’s garden. They grow so tall and the blooms are so big. I feel like the weight of each flower might fall, and yet taller they grow, their faces towards the light. I often keep a few on my desk next while I work, to remind myself that even if I feel the weight of the world and life seems too heavy, just like the sunflower, I can face the light and stand tall. The originals are available for purchase (ping me for details) but you can also get prints, phone cases and more.

Peacock Feathers Watercolor Art
Peacock Feathers Watercolor Art

Leaning Chicken

Did I mention I love birds? I also love farm-fresh eggs. We thought about raising chickens for a bit, naming them Chick-Baca and Princess Leia-n-Egg (anyone else big Star Wars fans?). In the end, we decided that two dogs, one cat and two chickens was a disaster waiting to happen. Ha! This is one of many chicken watercolors in my collection, so if it speaks to you, reach out and ask to see more.